Why sign up for Nepic Wifibre?

Why sign up for Nepic Wifibre?

Nepic Wifibre is the best way to experience the fastest Internet in South Africa. We’ve been bringing you reliable, high speed wireless Internet for years, but say hello to the internet of the future with a Wifibre account. If you want the fastest connection with no latency or shortcomings in service, then sign up for Nepic Wifibre today.

The old fixed-line standard, ADSL, uses telephone lines to transmit data through copper cables. Transmission through copper leaves your connection subject to suffer from distance. The more cable between you and the exchange, the slower speeds will be. Additionally, the old copper cables will suffer from bottlenecking – this happens when a large amount of data is trying to squeeze through one small port, thus slowing the speed of transfer dramatically. The more people on the Internet in your area, the slower your speeds will be.

If you’re paying for an Internet connection to your complex, home, or business, that connection should be one that you can count on to be consistently fast. Fortunately, the industry standard of the future, optical fiber cables, prevent the two biggest causes of slow speeds with ADSL. The cables used by Nepic Wifibre allow signals to travel up to the speed of light, regardless of distance, and with the additional benefit of WiFi, you can move around and work remotely within your home or building.

Currently, most users are using a wireless connection. While wireless connections are good, they are not nearly as fast or as reliable as their fiber counterpart. The most common wireless service offered by Nepic features speeds of 8Mbps. With Nepic Wifibre, speeds can reach as high as 1000Mbps. On average, our most popular Wifibre plans offer speeds up to 20Mbps for the same, or less, cost than a 8Mbps wireless plan. If you sign up for Nepic Wifibre, you can expect higher speeds and greater reliability for the same price as your old wireless plan.

Historically, wireless plans have known to suffer in bad weather. By signing up for Nepic Wifibre you will never have to deal with connection variability due to weather. Since fibre cables are strung underground, they remain storm and theft proof, ensuring that you will have the fastest speeds available at all times in all conditions.

For home use, Nepic Wifibre is best for streaming, gaming, using multiple devices to the same connection and uploading and downloading large files. Wifibre is a must-have for complex or business use. Your tenants, customers and employees will never get frustrated with slow and inconsistent connections again. With businesses moving storage to the cloud, it’s essential that data can be accessed immediately. Don’t let your Internet get in the way of your profits ever again.

Nepic is the best option for obtaining optical fiber cables, install, and service. We make it easy to sign up for Wifibre, simply schedule a site survey so that one of our experts can come establish how to best install Wifibre in your area. Don’t wait any longer to get the fastest Internet in South Africa.