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Fastest Internet in South Africa

Nepic wifi fibreThe fastest internet in South Africa is without a doubt fibre, as a new addition to the internet infrastructure in SA, this type of line has a wider range of speed and a much more stable design. Many tests and tasks are completed regularly to test which provider and which type of line is the best and most effective way of surfing the web.

The average download speed over Wi-Fi in South Africa was 11.59Mbps, while the average upload speed was 6.99Mbps. These speeds are closely linked to the average broadband speeds in the country, as most Wi-Fi connections are linked to a fixed broadband connection. With fibre now introduced into the mix, there is a whole new level of internet to be discovered. Now peak speed online has reached new highs. With the fibre connection allowing for super-fast network speeds, you get more dedicated bandwidth and new heights of line capacity. Now the fastest internet possible, fibre can go as high as 100 Mbps speeds, far exceeding those of ADSL internet packages.


Does your Complex need Fibre?

Does your Complex need Fibre - Laptop Image

Most people need, or at least want fibre internet in today’s fast-paced, online world. When living in a complex, however, the decision on internet provider choice is sometimes not yours to make. With a professional service that can reach individual homes, NEPIC is a high speed internet solution for all to enjoy.

If your complex wants to get super-fast internet installed for individual units, or if you want to get it to your home while living within a complex, there is no need to worry about installation. This is a service that can be delivered directly to units within security complexes as easily as it is installed in stand-alone houses.


Why make an Appointment for a Site Survey

site survey

Avoid problems such as channel interference by conducting a wireless site survey. A site survey is important to gain information to guarantee your WI-FI coverage and network, which are channel of interference and which network area can work perfectly. NEPIC PTY LTD conducts site surveys with detailed information on areas and new development that have network coverage and if not, they install cables that are needed.


How we roll

Fun at the NEPIC office

Satisfied Client

Wie dit mag aangaan,

Ek wil net vir die Nepic span wat my internet vir my gedoen het bedank vir die puik diens en geduld wat hulle aan die dag gele het om my aanvanklike probleem wat ek met my internet gehad het uit te sorteer.


Golf Day Winner

At a golf day recently at Benoni Country Club, a day out with the boys and a quick game of golf turned into a successful day for me. After playing the first 9 holes, we came up to a stand that was well branded with Nepic Wi-Fi signs, balloons and drinks, this was a stand ready to receive the gents of our 4 ball.


Does your complex need fibre?

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