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Fibre internet is the high speed connection you need, whether at home or running a business, fast internet can set you apart from the rest. With instant access to the online world, this is the time to take advantage of all the digital world has to offer. Whether dealing in international business or bulk services, a high speed internet connection ensures you never lose connection.

As a faster internet solution, this service can connect to multiple smart devices effortlessly, as well as support HD video streaming across platforms. As a full service network design this type of network can also support VoIP calling, and lightning fast browsing at peak times. Fibre-fast connectivity can give you the ability to quickly send and receive large files, access video conferencing, and make the most of cloud-based services. All these elements tied together creates a fantastic package that caters to a wide range of needs.

Clients choose from a selection of line speeds and data packages to suite specific needs, ranging from a starter 10Mbps to a full scale 100Mbps for large businesses. With this level of service on a private level, you can convert your house into a smart home, linking IP security cameras, smart sensors, lighting and other devices to your fibre connection. Giving you the strongest networking power yet.

NEPIC gives clients fast connectivity speeds that are both secure and stable, available at an affordable price range. With a faster connection that lets you network with friends and family all over the world, this is the next step in bringing together the global village. Cut out insane phone bills and unstable internet lines when you switch to a solution like fibre.

Contact NEPIC for availability in your area. A professional fibre solution in South Africa.

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